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When in India: Customize your own trip

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Mon Apr, 6 2015 15:03

From the inhumanity and barbarity of the British rule to the proud and developing country that India has now become, India has seen major upheavals and downfalls, but what you see of India as today; is a changed picture of continuous success and improvement. There is a whole gigantic section under the caption of this prevailing enhancement, out of which a small section is widely termed as “travel and tourism” respectively. But the major question is not how tourism and travel have developed all these years? I believe the main concern is how a traveller makes his or her journey an accomplishment. Life is an adventure which is filled with distinctive colours it has to offer. Colour of enthusiasm, colour of knowledge or else colour of passion. Whichever colour it Read More

Tips and Tricks to travel safe

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Sat Apr, 4 2015 17:07

As you prepare yourself, pack your luggage to step out into an unknown place, it is always possible that you can encounter situations which arehazardous and unpleasant.There are numerous risks of being robbed or mugged, especially when you are exposed to unfamiliar surroundings. Like a coin travelling too have two sides, the negative and the positive. I am sure you all are very well acquainted with the optimistic version of travel and tourism. But in this article we will emphasise on the pessimistic side of travelling. Because wonderful destinations have the power to allure and mesmerise, leaving away out for carelessness. Hence here are four tips for all the travellers, to travel smart and safe. But before we get on board, the reason for the choice of this articleare th Read More

Leh Ladakh: Taste of deep serenity and tranquility

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Tue Mar, 24 2015 00:10

Did you ever rebook a vacation? Does your mind ever stroll along the pathway of a journey? Did you ever explore a place beyond the unexpected? I believe if you have wandered the lonely roads of Leh Ladakh and if you have sensed relaxation sitting inside the monasteries of Leh Ladakh, you know the answer to all these questions. The answer starts with a word Leh and it ends with Ladakh! An exotic place filled with the aroma of freshness that is unforgettable and anxiety which pumps in extra thoughts to your imagination. You always want to visit a place which is far away from the busy streets and close to nature’s bliss. Don’t you? Because it is a location where you can dance like a carefree child and embrace the irresistible attractiveness of Ladakh. So, do not a Read More

Kashmir: the crown of India

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Mon Mar, 23 2015 23:46

Far in the northern regions, close to the snow-capped mountains and bestowed by heavenly beauty. Kashmir is beauty personified. Use of adjectives like wonderful and splendid are not enough to define the way Kashmir has been designed.It is a place where abundant sites are awaiting your arrival. There are numerous views to savour and relish. Imagine yourself wavering excitedly to your neighbours, thinking again and again about the belongings you have left behind but on the same time intersectingall the thoughts with the pleasant encounters you are about to make. But the descriptions of a welcoming journey are not enough to imagine, you have to go beyond these beautiful landscapes to revisit the world of imagination, but the only difference is it is reality this time! So, al Read More

Four things travel will teach you

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Mon Mar, 23 2015 23:21

Travellers always look for a journey that aspires, moves, educates and motivates. In a true sense, travelling is not just about the place you visit but also about the magnificent experiences you can share with numerous people for the rest of your life. Travelling is a chance to find better days, a chance to move out and see this world filled with peculiar wonders. Travelling has no actual definition but if you really want to define this word you need to first travel. Because, it is that one thing that will intersect your life with various cultures, distinctive colours, unique people, compelling scenic splendour. Moreover it will attach you to a poignant familiarity with the world: A world that is awaiting your “travelling presence”. Most of the population in In Read More

Where the Wilderness Survives: Exploring Best Five National Parks in India

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Sat Mar, 21 2015 20:49

Be prepared and energize yourself to see the magnanimous beauty of wildlife. Take in the splendour that has been explored with its rarities. Also experience the wonderfulness, which not only hides the scenic views but also some dangerous animals in the vicissitudes of a wildlife national park. This place will offer some animals that rule with a gigantic size, some of them run with a great speed and a few of them will master the art of hunting, surviving and killing. You don’t have to sit in front of the television to cherish the beauty of these animals and birds anymore. To come face to face with thousands of animals just check out the list of best five national parks in India. Not just any random national parks, but the best five of all the others. Animals call t Read More

Travelling has no rules

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Sat Mar, 21 2015 16:13

In a journey called life we are all travellers trying to make that one journey where we move around from one road to another road wandering, dreaming, dealing with the unexpected and moving to various places without a plan. Where a few miles can build the best out of a person and each moment is a joy in itself. Sometimes the roads are unfamiliar and sometimes the place itself. But all that matters is living that one dream with open eyes and giving yourself a chance to explore the whole world. Meeting people, new interactions, learning the diversities and varied cultures, hunger to discover places, getting lost and forming new ways, giving your life a turn back on yesterday and moving ahead with the unending roads full of opportunities and adventures. Travelli Read More

Shimla: A Queen of Seven Hills

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Mon Mar, 16 2015 19:58

In this series of the article we will take you back to Shimla and into the enchanting world of its closeness with nature. Shimla has acquired a well-deserved reputation when it comes to terming it as one of the quiet and scenic tourist destinations. Not only this, but it also emphasizes its true relationship with nature. The scenic beauty is commendable and the most vital part of this town is that it is surrounded by seven beautiful hills; Prospect hill, Observatory hill, Summer hill, Inverarm, Bantony, Jakhoo and Elysium. Once known as the summer capital of India is now an acknowledged and admirable tourist destination. Whether the seasons constitute bitter winters, pleasant summers or showering rains, numerous tourists swarm into the city every season of the year. Also the hilly terrai Read More

Travel close to nature: Majuli Island

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Wed Mar, 4 2015 21:16

Every place on our planet has a story to tell, of life, landscape, mountains, water and the connection between them, which stretches across time and space. Once, earth was an island where the chances of life were next to none, but yet life persists. It is a place where against all the odds life flourished. There is more to the earth than this, a whole story which can go on and on. It consists of a world, which you might have never seen before. It has cities, towns and villages, holding their own separate identities. It has cultures that can engage your imagination, scenic beauty that can take away your breath and perhaps capture your passions. This is the magic of wonderfulness that earth has and believe me it’s just the beginning. Similarly the massive, ornate and beautif Read More

Book a journey with bookajourney.com

by Bookajourney Team

 Posted on Thu Feb, 26 2015 15:28

To ride along, place irreversible memories, celebrate every bit and illuminate the best out of everything you need to travel. Along with travel come bookings and reservations. An expert rightly said that air traffic will be one video game that no one will be able to control. It seems people these days are fitting themselves to flying whenever they want. But it obviously becomes the easiest way out to travel with flights. At any moment many million passengers are in flights somewhere above the earth. In the next twenty years that figure is going to double. To cope up with the guidance of air craft in the skies, new technolo Read More
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